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Vegetarian Roll (8)

€ 8,50

Crispy sushi topped with a mixture of teriyaki glaze, mayonnaise, tempura flakes, avocado and center from leek, lollo rosso, red bell pepper, carrot and cucumber


California Roll (8)


Seaweed rolls with sushi rice, crab stick, avocado, cucumber and tobiko caviar

Crispy Kani Roll (8)


Crispy sushi rice rolls covered with tempura flakes and topped with a mouthwatering mixture of teriyaki glaze, mayonnaise, tempura flakes and center from avocado, crabstick and cucumber

Dynamite Roll (8)


Fiery spicy sushi with tuna, tempura flakes, sriracha sauce and Japanese mayonnaise covered with togarashi and wasabi tobiko caviar.


Salmon Philadelphia Roll (8)

€ 11,50

Smoked salmon wrapped Uramaki-zushi with Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber and mango.

Volcano Roll (8)


Tempura fried maki roll with salmon, tempura flakes, spring onion dice, red tobiko caviar, spicy mayonnaise and unagi glaze


Caterpillar Roll (8)


Uramaki-zushi with tempura shrimp, unagi eel, banana and avocado topping with Japanese mayonnaise and unagi glaze.

WKD Roll (8)


Deep Fried Crusty maki zushi roll with salmon sashimi & asparagus covered with panko crumbs and unagi sauce

Spicy Crunch Roll (7)


As the name implies these are delightfully spicy and crunchy with shrimp tempura and a mix of crabstick, tempura flakes and spicy mayo


Panko Shrimp and Avocado Roll (8)


Panko Breaded Shrimp, smoked BBQ Eel (unagi) and leek wrapped with nori seaweed, topped with avocado, dressed with unagi eel sauce and mayo

Rainbow Roll (8)


A striking and delicious california roll with a colorful top of tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, shrimp, avocado and mango.

Spider Roll (5)


Large Futamaki-zushi rolls with deep fried soft shell crab, lolo rosso , cucumber, avocado and tobiko caviar with unagi sauce.

Interactive Roll (8)


Sushi with crabstick, tuna, lolo rosso, cream cheese, and red tobiko covered by salmon sashimi and avocado

Dragon Roll (8)


Smoked BBQ Eel (unagi) and mango wrapped with nori seaweed, sushi rice, prawn, avocado and cucumber, dressed with unagi eel sauce

Sushi Combination for 1

€ 15,00

9pcs mixed of california rolls, fresh salmon, sea bream and tuna sashimi and nigiri with octopus(tako) and prawn(ebi) squid(ika) and sea bass.

Nigiri platter


7 Nigiri-zushi with squid, shrimp, octopus, smoked eel kabayaki, sea bass, salmon and tuna.

Oshi Sushi platter for 2


14psc Combination of nigiri sushi, sashimi and maki rolls

Oshi Sushi platter for 4


32psc Combination of nigiri sushi, sashimi and maki rolls

Trilogy Maki platter 24 pieces


Combination of Volcano, Crispy Kani, Dragon Roll

Maki Sushi platter 40 pieces


Combination of Volcano, Crispy Kani, Caterpillar, California and Salmon Philadelphia rolls

Salmon Sashimi (8)


8 Slices of succulent fresh salmon sashimi on a bed of ice.

Salmon and Tuna (8)


8 Slices of succulent fresh salmon and tuna sashimi on a bed of ice.

Τuna Sashimi (8)


8 Slices of succulent fresh tuna sashimi on a bed of ice.

Miso Soup


A traditional Japanese soup with homemade japanese stock of kelp and tuna shavings, wakame seaweed, white miso and firm tofu.


Tom Yam Soup


Thailand’s specialty soup with shrimp bisque, various seafood, lemongrass, ginger, chilies, lime and coconut milk.


Uramaki Zushi Oshi Salad


Green salad with pomegranate pieces and lychees with seaweed wrapped vegetarian Uramaki-zushi accompanied with mango vinaigrette dressing.


Shrimp and Pineapple Thai salad


Refreshing and fruity Thai shrimp salad on a layer of thinly cubed fresh pineapple, mango, celeriac, and fresh coriander.

Sashimi Salad


Modern adaptation of sashimi salad with fresh premium salmon, tuna and seabream sashimi on bed of julienne treads of beetroot, celeriac and other root vegetables marinated in soya, rice vinegar, yuzu and toasted sesame oil.

Thai Beef Salad


This aromatic Thai inspired salad combines lime-flavoured coriander leaves with cool cucumber, refreshing microherbs and rare beef fillet for a breezy and filling entrée.

Izikaya Oyster Shooter


Fresh fine de claire oyster in a glass of ice with ponzu citrus salsa. Order as many as you like.

Vegetable Spring Rolls


Freshly prepared crunchy vegetable spring rolls served with spring roll sweet chili sauce




It consists if strips of mixed vegetables deep fried in crispy Tempura, served with warm tempura sauce.


Duck Spring Rolls


Crispy and juicy traditional spring rolls with a Peking duck filling served with Hoi Sin Duck dip

Vegetable Gyozas


5 shallow fry dumplings with vegetable filling


Pepper Crusted Squid


Deep fried, tender and crunchy squid with an aromatic black pepper crust. Served with wasabi pepper sauce.


Pork Gyozas


5 shallow fry Japanese dumplings with a pork filling

Ebi Tempura


4 Deep fried Tiger prawns until crispy served with warm tempura sauce.

Slow Roast Pork Belly


Mouthwatering and juicy pork belly cubes from local top breeds of fresh pork with red miso and rice vinegar XO sauces.

Orange Crispy Duck


Crispy orange duck served in orange cups and toasted pancakes, filled with freshly cut salad mixed with wakame salad and marinated with orange miso sauce.

Seafood Dim Sum


2 shrimp har-gow 2 salmon siu-mai and 2 squid moneybags, served with spicy soya garlic dip and sambal oelek with teriyaki.

Singapore Sticky Ribs


Pressure cooked for 24hrs. Glazed and sticky Pork ribs with a rich Singapore sauce.

Soft Shell Crab


Crunchy and delicious soft shell crab on a bed of kimchi salsa

Sashimi Tuna Tartar


Finely chopped premium fresh tuna on an avocado bed with a refreshing combination of parsley, coriander, and yuzu juices with soya

500g Thai Mussels


Delicious, tropical, creamy, rich, and a bit spicy, 500 g of Mussels cooked in homemade Thai green curry


Oysters with Ponzu and Yuzu

€17. 50

6 fresh fine de claire oysters, served with yuzu and ponzu sorbet

Vegetarian Courses

Vegetable Noodles


Seasonal freshly cut vegetables with Chinese yellow noodles in oyster sauce, served with prawn crackers.

Vegetable Thai Green Curry


Delicious, tropical, creamy, rich and spicy Thai green curry with pepper, brocolli, and poppadam.


Vegetable Udon Noodles


A Bit Spicy and BBQ!! Udon noodles are Japanese thick wheat noodles which are prepared fresh, they have a delightful characteristic texture and are served with wok fried vegetables in tasty soya and worcestershire sauce.


Poultry Courses

Chicken Chow Mein


Stir fried chicken fillet slices with vegetables, egg noodles and finished in rich oyster sauce served with prawn crackers.

Thai Green Chicken Curry


Delicious, tropical, creamy, rich and spicy Thai green curry with chicken, pepper, brocolli and poppadam, served with steamed rice.


Sweet and Sour Chicken


Chicken fillet pieces in rich Chinese sweet and sour sauce with season vegetables, served with egg fried rice in a pineapple shell.

Roast Duck Noodles


Enjoy this hearty dish of deliciously flavorful Peking duck in Chinese yellow noodles with hoi sin sauce and slices of cucumber, served with prawn crackers

Panko Teriyaki Chicken and Prawn


Tender sous-vide chicken breast marinated in home-made teriyaki, breaded with Japanese Panko and topped with lush Teriyaki and prawns. Served with rich and tasty sweet potato puree.

Peking Duck


Crispy and aromatic Peking duck served with warm pancakes, and hoi sin sauce, accompanied with fine threads of carrots, cucumber and spring onions, served with egg fried rice.

Confit Marinated Duck Breast


Sous-vide tender duck breast marinated with five spice, sweet shoyu and maple syrup served with a sweet potato and ginger puree..

Fish Courses

Prawn Chow Mein


Stir fried tiger prawns with vegetables, egg noodles and finished in rich oyster sauce served with crackers.

Sea Bass Abalone and Coconut


The juicy white flesh of fresh sea bass Suzuki complemented with the exotic blend of abalone sauce and coconut cream served with steamed Jasmine rice.

Salmon Nikiri Teriyaki


Salmon teppanyaki with teriyaki sauce infused with nikiri, served with stir fried vegetables and crispy salmon skin

Tuna Tataki with Spicy Garlic Sauce


Quality fresh Maguro briefly deep fried and then paired with the kick of mildly spicy garlic sauce, served with stir fried vegetables


Black Cod with Saykio Miso


Mouthwatering black cod steeped in sweet saikyo miso and baked in the oven, served with stir fried vegetables.

Beef & Lamb Courses

Udon Beef Noodles


A Bit Spicy and BBQ!! Udon noodles are Japanese thick wheat noodles which are prepared fresh, they have a delightful characteristic texture and are served with beef strips and wok fried vegetables in tasty soya and worcestershire sauce.


Mongolian Beef


Wok cooked beef prime fillet sliced and finished in Mongolian style sauce topped with chopped spring onion and served with steamed rice.

Rack of Lamb Char Siu


Lamb cutlets in Chinese Char Siu marinade served with rice and vegetables and mild spicy red Aka-miso sauce


Korean Kalbi Beef


Beef shortribs marinated in a Korean marinade of pear, soya sauce, garlic and Hoi Sin, served with steamed rice.

Angus Miso Rib Eye Steak


Angus Rib eye steak with coriander seeds, cumin and lime zest beautifully paired with aged white Miso

Steamed Rice


Prawn Crackers


Egg Fried Rice


Stir Fried Vegetables



Plain Noodles


Edamame Beans



Kimchi (Vegetarian)



Wakame Salad



Matcha green tea with lime cheesecake



Dark chocolate and coconut pudding



Thai Mango mousse cake



After 8


2 scoops per portion

Mango Sorbet


2 scoops per portion

Dark Chocolate


2 scoops per portion



2 scoops per portion

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